Best Books About Keto Diet Review (Updated 2020)

We had a look at several keto books and found most of them similar in content, and layout with lots of information, but none too useful.

It was hard to find that one best comprehensive keto book, which could tell us how exactly to follow the diet.

It was also essential that we had some easy to prepare recipes readily available so that we can refer to them at any time.

Finally, after checking out different books and going through what they offered, we could find the one that best suited our needs to begin the keto journey with higher chances of success.

The best keto books we have selected are chosen based on the criteria like the how well the concept of ketosis and the dos and don’ts of this diet are explained. (1)

And of course, these books include recipes, without which starting your keto diet can be a hugely difficult task!

We have also taken into account the amount of efforts and time you have to put in to prepare these recipes.

Also, we have not ignored the most important aspect of the recipes, which is whether they follow the recommendations of this diet including how much carbs, fats, and proteins you need to consume. (2)

That would be perfect, isn’t it?

The best keto books mentioned below can provide the guidance you need at various stages of your diet and also help you with some ready recipes or meal plans to refer to.

Sounds exciting?

Well… Let’s have a look at the list of the best keto books so that you can find the right resources for all the information you need about the keto diet.

2020’s Reviews of the Best Keto Books to Enter & Stay Into Ketosis for As Long As your Desire

#1. The Essential Keto Cookbook

We are not exceptionally good cooks. But we are not too bad as well because we can prepare healthy and tasty dishes if we are provided with a list of ingredients, their exact quantities, and the step-by-step method of preparation.

That is why we liked this book.

It is suitable for most average cooks like us who need guidance while cooking new dishes!

The Essential Keto Cookbook has a 2-week meal plan. It also provides a ketogenic diet food list, which is great for you if you are just starting out.

The recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are easy-to-prepare and the ingredients are easily available.

What we really appreciate about its book is the author has shared recipes for snacks, desserts, side dishes, and beverages as well.

So that takes care of the hunger pangs of a foodie like us.

Another feature we liked about this book is the use of nuts and seeds is limited. So, if you are allergic to nuts and seeds or want to avoid them for their carbohydrate content, you know which book to refer to. (3)

Keeping beginners in mind, the author has also provided a list of foods to eat and avoid as well as a glimpse of the side effects that can occur while on the keto diet. (4)

For the useful information and great recipes it provides, it is reasonably priced at less than $7 for the Kindle version.

The Good:

  • Suitable for the beginners because it provides an easy to understand explanation about how a keto diet works, side effects, and the mistakes to avoid
  • Offers some great tips for meal planning
  • Simple and Well-rounded recipes, which includes everything from healthy breakfast, to entrees, to fish, to pressure cooker recipes and to sauces
  • Over 124 recipes to choose from

The Bad:

  • It does not have a complete recipe index; the index shows menu only for each food group

Customer Reviews:

The thing readers loved about this book is the realistic expectation set by the author. It is useful for the people with diverse dietary habits as it includes recipes for all food groups. Some recipes are based on the use of leftovers and this has been appreciated by several readers.

#2.  The Ketogenic Cookbook

When you are new to the keto diet still trying to find your hold on its basics, you can refer to this book. The author has dedicated initial few pages of this book to the introduction to keto dieting.

You will find the information really helpful if you don’t know much about this diet. But if you really want to learn deeper details about keto, you will probably need to look for more information elsewhere.

What’s better is this book has several tasty recipes flavored with herbs and spices. So, you will have plenty of recipes to choose from if you love a natural aroma of herbs in your food.

The low-carb, and high-fat meals We learned in this best keto book might provide you a smart way to breeze through the initial difficult days of your keto diet.

Most of the recipes are the keto versions of the regular recipes we usually eat. So, we did not have to go out of our way to cook them.

We are amazed at how our favorites like pancakes, and pizza are turned into healthy low-carb keto-foods by making subtle changes in the ingredients and cooking methods.

All recipes are well explained and need as little as about 5 to 10 minutes of preparation before putting them in the oven.

At less than $7 for the Kindle version, this book offers a great head-start for the beginners.

The Good:

  • Out of the box ideas for recipes
  • Useful information about the keto diet in the introduction section
  • Naturally flavored recipes
  • High-quality images
  • Less preparation time

The Bad:

  • The dairy products are skipped in the recipes of this book. Hence, it may not work for those who do not prefer to deprive themselves of the health benefits of dairy products. (5)

Customer Reviews

Most consumers have loved the recipes and appreciated the ease of preparation. Several users have benefited from following the recipes the exact way mentioned in the book and lost weight effectively.

#3. The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet

If you love to have a variety in your meals, this is the best keto book for you. After you feel you are comfortable enough with the keto lifestyle, you can graduate to using this cookbook, which has more than 125 recipes.

What is more interesting is this keto book offers you the option to select from 5 meal plans. In short, it’s raining recipes here!

Your initial days of the keto diet are likely to be marked by anxiety for trying out something new, uncertainty due to side effects, and doubts about the foods to eat.

Once you cross the hurdles in the first phase, you would like to challenge yourself and try new things. You may also have a desire to experiment with new recipes and take your keto results to a higher level.

At this stage, you can refer to this complete guide to a high-fat diet. This book also offers recipes that can help you fight the plateau most dieters experience after the initial drastic weight loss. (6)

The book is priced slightly higher than other books. But, it may be worth spending about $10 when you want to improve upon the weight loss results and avoid the plateau.

The Good:

  • Well-structured information
  • Easy recipes
  • Includes gluten-free recipes
  • Fun to read
  • Focus on whole foods

The Bad:

  • Lack of ‘scientific’ approach. It lacks the credibility that most keto researchers have behind them.
  • This book is really long. Hence, if are starting out with the keto diet, it might leave you overwhelmed.

Customer Reviews:

The customers’ opinion is divided among the beginners and seasoned keto dieters. Most beginners have found the recipes in this book a bit difficult to follow. On the other hand, the readers who are following this diet since long have appreciated this book for the unique recipes.

Things to Look for in The Best Keto Books

If you think you need keto books only if you are a beginner, you are wrong!

You might have already realized it in case you have not noticed any positive results in spite of following the diet since long or if you are stuck at a plateau with the weight loss effect of this diet.

You will need assistance at different stages of the keto diet. That is why; you need a keto book, the best one, to be more precise, that can provide you with comprehensive information about this diet.

So, what exactly makes a keto book the best one?

Here’s a checklist that will help you find the best keto books having useful information and recipes to help you attain your weight loss goals.

1. It Should Have Easy to Cook Recipes

That’s the first prerequisite without which your book may not hold any real value, unless of course, you are a very good cook/chef yourself!

But for an average person, to come out of his or her comfort zone and try cooking an entirely new cuisine with new ingredients can be too difficult.

A keto diet involves eating certain foods in excess while avoiding some foods altogether.

So, if you want to follow this diet strictly, you must have with you a ready list of easy-to-cook recipes that will save your time and require minimal efforts.

So, the best keto books should have a meal plan you can refer to for preparing your keto-friendly meals!

Or else, be prepared to eat a weird mix of keto-friendly ingredients that taste weirder!

After all, a recipe is a recipe is a recipe!

A good keto book should provide you a verity of recipes with the exact ingredients needed and the method of preparation so that the meals you prepare are tasty and keto-friendly.

2. Don’t You Want to be Aware of The Side Effects of Keto Diet?

A keto diet may cause a few side effects some of which include bad breath, constipation, body odor and keto flue.

If you have long-term plans to continue with the keto diet, the books you read must include a dedicated section to the side effects that can come up.

This will allow you to be prepared, mentally, as well as with ways to avoid them.

This will ease your keto journey by preventing frustration when these side effects prop up uninvited!

3. What to Eat and What to Avoid?

You want all the information about the foods to eat and foods to avoid at one place and the best keto books should offer you this facility.

You surely do not want to search the web each time you are puzzled with whether or not you should eat a particular food.

The best keto books offer a readily available information about whether the food should go into your stomach or elsewhere.

So, Final Thoughts?

In our opinion, The Essential Keto Cookbook is the best keto book for you, especially if you are a beginner.

The recipes in this book will ease the anxiety about cooking an entirely new cuisine in the initial days.

Also, it offers useful information about how this diet works, food list to follow, and the side effects it can cause thus providing you insights into your new lifestyle.

You can graduate yourself to the Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet once you have familiarized yourself with the intricate details of this diet.

But, as of now, it’s advisable to stick to The Essential Keto Cookbook. The recipes given in this book are a great resource to have when cooking is not particularly your forte!

Reading the best keto books will allow you to stay informed about what you can eat so that you can enter into ketosis faster.

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