Best Compound Bow Under 500$ (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Best compound bow under 500$ (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Archery is one of those sport actions that need precision and focus. Human focus get value added by the perfect bow making archery an expert’s game. Modern archery took a new high when Compound bows replaced Composite bows during the 20th century. We present here the features of best Compound bows under $500.

How to choose the best Compound Bow?

Some basic knowledge about the features to look for in a Compound bow is required for you to make a prudent purchase decision. Look for the rigidity of the risers which are usually made using Magnesium Alloy, Carbon Fiber or Aluminum.  Risers usually comprise Quivers, Limbs, Stabilizers and Sights. Limbs play a crucial role as the complete energy of the bow is stored in the same.

Types of Cams

Different types of cams like Binary Cam, Hybrid Cam, Single Cam and Dual Cam are fixed to the end of each limb. Look out for features like limited stretchability so that the tensile strength passes on to the arrow with ease. It is prudent to choose Compound Bows whose strings are made up of poly Ethylene and cables made of steel coated in plastic.

Have an eye for the key features of the Compound bow before making the final purchase decision. Keep in mind your purpose for purchase and then decide the model you want to finalize.

Benefits of Compound Bow

One of the main advantages Compound Bows offer to Archers is the ease of use. Compound bows add immense value to the precision aspect of shooting which plays a crucial role in gaining points in Archery competitions. Even for hunters who indulge in Archery as a recreational activity, compound bow increases the fun by multitude levels.

Though Compound bows are available in differing costs, typically those under 500$ suits all types of Archers. Compound bows that cost 1000$ may have more value adding features than those that cost 500$. However, these aspects could be noted and used only by expert Archers who have experienced the ins and outs of shooting.

Things to look for when buying a compound bow

Irrespective of the purpose, there are many attributes one need to be aware of when it comes to using a Compound bow.


The effective functioning of the Camera attached to the Compound bow make archers focus on the target in an accurate manner. This is a huge help particularly to sports people who are amateurs in archery.

If your purpose is just hunting, go in for a hunting bow with specialized features. If you plan to use the Compound Bow for multiple purposes, go in for one that has combined features. If your purpose is sports, go in for one designed with specialized features specifically for that purpose.

Draw Length

Choose the right draw length that fetches you the best result taking the help of others who know the calculation applicable. Ensure your let off setting is correct in terms of FPS and go in for more FPS if you feel the same is required. Choose a peep sight which makes you feel comfortable. Choose a bow that is short if your purpose is hunting and long if it is for sporting purpose.

If you are short built and have small palms choose grip that fits in the size. Switch between draw weights which are usually adjustable in technically advanced Compound Bows. While the color of the Compound bow has nothing to do with its performance, choose colors that suit your preference. Learn to use the wrist sling in the perfect manner so you feel at ease holding the bow and shooting from the same.

To summarize, take into consideration the speed with which the arrow could be shot, factors that help you achieve accuracy in shooting, height and weight aspects that play a crucial role in shooting, draw length and let off amidst the other crucial factors before making your final purchase decision.

Prerequisites to consider when choosing a Compound Bow

Consider your level of knowledge in handling the Compound Bow before choosing the same. Avoid getting paralyzed analyzing the many feature and cost options available in front of you. Think in a pragmatic manner. Go in for the Compound bow that makes you feel comfortable rather than choosing the one that your friend appreciates.

The basic difference between a Compound Bow used for Competition and hunting is the length and weight. Ones that used for hunting is short in nature to fit in the many hide outs during hunting. Bows used for Archery competitions are heavier than the hunting bows since they need to offer more stability.

One of the main precautions to be taken while considering a Compound Bow is the draw weight you would like to go in for. Draw weight is directly proportional to the shooting accuracy and so plays a major role in the selection of the Compound Bow. Choose the Compound Bow that achieves your specified range so that shooting exactly on the target becomes easy every time. Go in for a draw weight of 45-75 Lbs if you are male and 25-55 Lbs in case you are woman.

Take into consideration your personal preference that is in line with your capabilities and physical contours like height and weight. This is an important point since a Compound Bow that is too heavy for you to handle may grab the chances of success away from you.

1. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is manufactured by Bowtech, the Company which is considered as one of the largest producers of Archery bows.  This bow can be used for hunting as well as sports purposes. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is considered highly user friendly owing to the lofty levels of flexibility it offers.

The built in features Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro possesses makes it usable both by experienced as well as novice Archers. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is absolutely light in weight making young archers use it with ease for all purposes.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is not only light in weight but also silent both while operating the same as well as while shooting. Owing to zero draw string noise, most archers prefer this type of bow so their focus can be 100% on the target.

Cost is one of the main aspects to be taken into consideration while choosing a Compound Bow. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is absolutely affordable by users belonging to all categories whether novice or expert. The high-tech features built in the bow makes it one of the best choices for recreational as well as competitive purposes.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro offers the best arrow-rests which are crucial accessories for shooting in a precise manner. Arrow rests helps in maintaining the grip and shooting precision of bows. Owing to this reason they are vulnerable to frequent wear and tear. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Arrow Rests are of high quality and so are less vulnerable to breakage issues.


  • Affordable Cost for all types of Archers
  • High quality accessories that reduce repetitive cost
  • From the shelves of the most trusted brand in the globe


  •  High end bow which may pose difficulty in handling to naïve archers who have no or very little knowledge about the product

2. SAS Rage Compound Bow

Some of the key features to look for in Compound Bows are their design and overall construction, performance in terms of weight and length, noise levels and vibration velocities, affordability and utility. SAS Rage Compound Bow is a combination of pros offering the best possible experience to Archers in all their pursuits.

Repeated practice sessions demand enduring features that can handle innumerable misfires. The limbs of SAS Rage Compound Bow is build with durable fiber material helping hit the target with precision and focus. The Dual Cam which is a part of the basic design in SAS Rage Compound Bow is highly durable. It helps in adjusting the draw length to suit the preference of the Archer at all points of time.

In general, 70 pounds draw rate supports effective performance both for hunting as well as archery competitions. SAS Rage Compound Bow supports a speed of 270 feet per second and supports repeated draws for innumerable times. The aluminum camera fixed to the bow helps shoot in an accurate manner making the whole process a smooth and tidy one.

This sleek SAS Rage Compound Bow provides an aluminum riser which helps archers comfortably handle the same with ease. The weight of SAS Rage Compound Bow is manageable making it easy for novice archers to hold it without any difficulty.


  • Sleek design gives it a professional look
  • Affordable cost makes it easily purchasable
  • The low noise levels and zero vibrations caused value add to the overall performance
  • Adjustable draw length makes it a flexible model to operate


  • SAS Rage Compound Bow is heavier than many models available at this cost range
  • Though multipurpose this bow best suits beginners which may be a handicap to advanced level archers.

3. Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow

Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow scores high in design when compared to the other bow models. This high score is due to the best manufacturing standards followed in the production of the same. The high quality materials used in Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow is designed by the best of the craftsmen in business. All these make Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow a worthy investment offering maximum returns for the money paid.

The sleek model of Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow increases the comfort levels of Archers owing to the light weight. Though light in weight, the strategic design makes Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow sturdy withstanding multiple usages over extended period of time.

Reasonably priced Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow offers highest levels of flexibility on many aspects supporting ease of use. The axle-to-axle construction which measures 35-1/2” provides stability to shoot at the target without any glitch.

Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow comes with a built in single camera that supports 40 Lbs draw weight. This helps archers achieve their preferred velocity with high levels of ease.

Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow best fit in the requirement of Archers who lookout for a professional bow to suit their hunting pursuits. The adjustable weight and length of Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow contributes to the development of Archery knowledge even in novice archers.

Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow has been designed in such a manner that it is not only light weight but also convenient to use. This makes Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow the best fit for practice sessions by beginners.


  • Light weight build helps novice archers use Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow with ease
  • The hi-tech features help beginners in various aspects during practice sessions
  • The high quality accessories used in Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow makes it withstand long practice session


  • Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow cannot be used for professional purposes and serious gaming
  • Expert Archers may not find Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow value adding to their level of expertise

4. Predator Raptor

This majestic looking Archery set never fails to stun the onlooker right at the first site. The very looks of the Predator Raptor Compound Bow shows its sturdiness. Considered as one of the best design, Predator Raptor Compound Bow ranks high when it comes to the construction aspect.

Predator Raptor Compound Bow surely is a boon to amateurs since it comes as a complete set. Beginners who are unaware about the extra accessories to be bought along with a Compound Bow can rely on Predator Raptor.

The limbs of Predator Raptor Compound Bow are made up of high quality materials making it the best choice among many. Right from the Cam, every part of Predator Raptor Compound Bow is made up of Aluminum enhancing the durability of the same.

Let off weight in Predator Raptor Compound Bow is suitable even for beginners. Predator Raptor Compound Bow comes in both camouflage as well as black color adding more value to its majestic looks. Many choose the camouflage designed Predator Raptor Compound Bow over the Black one.

Predator Raptor Compound Bow is so highly flexible that it allows adjustment of various parameters even as one gets involved in shooting. One of the best features of Predator Raptor Compound Bow is that it is a multipurpose bow. Archers can use the same either for bow fishing or hunting or even for practice sessions for Archery competitions.


  • Completely fits the requirement of beginners since it has all that a beginner can ask for
  • High levels of flexibility suiting the requirements of all levels of people involved in Archery


  • Non availability of Cable guard may pose a great trouble to users


We are sure the above list of Compound bows helped you identify the brand and model that suits you the most. Take into consideration your purpose of choosing the Bow and the usage of the same before making the final decision.

Also look for the salient aspects discussed so you get the best product that pacifies your thirst for archery. Particularly, when you choose a well built assembled set you get rid of assembling the same post purchase. Go in for the Compound Bow that convinces you with its features rather than choosing one that satisfies your acquaintances. Happy Archering.

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