What’s Best MCT Oil And Powder To Get Into Ketosis Faster? The Ultimate Reviews, Ratings, & Buying Guide

Consumption of MCT oils and powders is one of the best ways to get into ketosis faster. However, are you aware what exactly MCT oil is and how to find the best one?

This article is aimed at providing information about what you should look for in your MCT oil to derive optimum benefits from your keto diet and an honest Best MCT Oils and Powders Review.

MCT stands for Medium-chain triglyceride that have been scientifically proven to support ketosis and provide a long-lasting energy to the body. A fat-based source of energy gained from MCT oils and powders can help you get into ketosis faster.

However, it is difficult to find the high-quality MCT Supplement to support the keto diet. You must consider several factors before you can find the best supplement that would help you maximize the benefits of getting into your high-fat ketogenic diet.

The product you choose must possess the high concentration of 4 MCTs in a pure form. This article is aimed at addressing your concerns. We have tried the top-rated brands of MCT oils and powders to find the best supplements and compared them based on various parameters to help you derive the best results with your keto diet.

What’s The Best MCT Oil?

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#1 Onnit MCT Oil

Onnit MCT Oil offers a pure MCT Coconut Oil that would be effective for your Ketogenic Diet.  It is the best rated MCT oil brands on the market.

We have optimized the product with Lauric Acid to help you get optimum results. It is a good choice for you if you would prefer to add the MCT oil to coffee, shakes, and even in regular cooking.

It may be a superior alternative to a pure coconut oil as unlike the same, Onnit MCT Oil offers a higher quantity of the MCTs particularly Caprylic Acid and Capric Acid.

Our research tells that these two forms of MCTs are valuable as they need to undergo a fewer steps to get converted into energy than the saturated fats obtained from the pure coconut oil.

It is this feature of Onnit MCT Oil, which makes it stand apart from most other MCT products. It would make a good choice for you if you prefer to add an extra tinge of flavor to your dishes.

If you are into a keto diet and MCTs since long, you must already have realized that MCTs are completely flavorless in their natural forms.

But Onnit MCT oil is available in a range of added flavors. This makes it a great addition to your dishes. It can be easily added to any food to make it more flavorful.

Also, in case, you do not prefer to change the original taste of your beverage or food, you can always fall back on the original Onnit MCT oil that’s without any flavor. You can add it to the foods and it hides well behind the existing flavors in an unobtrusive way.

This is what makes Onnit MCT oils unique. It provides you a choice of whether you want it to be flavorless or with a flavor of your choice.

Though we have noted the high performance of this product and appreciated the results it provides, we must mention that it has a slightly higher price tag compared to other brands.

Onnit MCT Oil is available in many flavors including cinnamon swirl, creamy coconut, pumpkin spice, creamy vanilla, and creamy strawberry, which is why its price per ounce is higher than most other brands.

Another feature we like about Onnit MCT oil is it is organic, vegan-friendly, and non-GMO. You can add it to smoothies, shakes, unheated sauces, salad dressings, and more.

But, if you plan to use your MCT oil with styrofoam or other foam-based materials, you might have to look for suitable alternatives as Onnit MCT oil is not formulated for the same.

Pros of Onnit MCT Oil:

  • 100% coconut sourced
  • Vegan friendly
  • Organic
  • Enhances cognitive ability
  • No palm oil
  • Great choice for active people

Cons of Onnit MCT Oil:

  • May cause mild stomach ache especially when over-consumed
  • Slightly overpriced

Customer reviews:

Most consumers have appreciated the flavorful tastes of different forms of this product. Overall, it seems like this product is particularly preferred by those who would want to add flavors to their foods and beverages.

#2 Bulletproof Brain Octane

Bulletproof Brain is one of the best rated MCT Oil brands on the market. It offers another effective option for you if you want to get into ketosis faster.

We believe that the name of the product suits itself because we found it to be very safe and less prone to cause side effects.

This feature of Bulletproof Brain Octane is of importance for you if you have a tendency to develop digestive troubles, stomach upsets, or loose motions.

In our opinion, it is a superior MCT oil considering it is made only of Caprylic Acid derived from pure coconut oil. It would provide you a great source of energy while you are on a keto diet devoid of carbohydrates in any forms. (1)

The high percentage of Caprylic Acid in it would provide you a source of physical energy while also improving your cognitive abilities and other brain functions.

Caprylic Acid in Bulletproof Brain Octane would help your body burn fats faster and allow you to maintain a healthy bacterial flora in your gut.

It is easily digestible, which makes it a good option for you if you suffer from digestive troubles.

The safety and high efficacy of this product has been attributed to its production method. The information about this product reveals that Brain Octane undergoes a special triple distillation process using only water, pressure and heat.

So, the product you receive is pure, clean and devoid of any harsh chemicals and additives. It is also completely tasteless and odorless, which makes it convenient to use. You can simply add it to any beverage or food and consume it.

We suppose the high price of this product is justified if you consider the benefits and results you can derive from the same.

The pros of Bulletproof Brain Octane:

  • Doesn’t have odor or taste
  • Enhances cognitive abilities
  • Safe for consumption
  • Free from harsh chemicals and solvents.

Cons of Bulletproof Brain Octane:

  • A tad expensive product

Customer Reviews,

Users have expressed their satisfaction with this product. Though it is an oil, and hence, somewhat viscous, it doesn’t make you gag. Users have mentioned that it’s easy to take and does cause any gastronomic issues.

#3 Left Coast MCT Oil

Though we have mentioned Left Coast MCT Oil in the end, we would like to stress it is one of the most effective MCT oils for getting into ketosis faster.

It is the best rated MCT Oil brands on the market that is no way less effective than the other products we shared with you above.

It is a triple filtered, pure MCT oil that has been processed over a low-heat, through a time-consuming process to preserve the integrity and efficacy of the ingredients present in it.

What we really like about this product is it is easily absorbed and gets digested faster. So, it makes a good choice for you if who suffer from stomach upsets due to a high-fat, keto diet.

Above all, this product has been tested for metals and impurities. This would ensure you are using a safe MCT oil that is free of harsh chemicals and metals.

You can try Left Coast MCT Oil if you want to derive faster results with your keto diet.

It contains fatty acids like caprylic Acid and capric Acid derived from only coconuts. Hence, we believe it is the purest option of a high-grade quality MCT oil derived solely from coconuts. (2)

Also, it suits the budget conscious keto dieters as Left Coast MCT oil is one of the most effective in its price category.

The pros of Left Coast MCT oil:

  • Premium quality MCT
  • Easily digested and absorbed
  • Does not contain palm oil
  • Reasonably priced

The cons of Left Coast MCT oil:

  • May cause mild stomachache when over-consumed

Customer Reviews

Most consumers have derived good results with this product. The ease of use and being tasteless and odorless have made it a good addition to your keto diet.

If you prefer to use C8 MCT oils for your keto diet, read further to find some of the best oils that we have found to be effective for inducing ketosis.

What’s C8 MCT Oils and The Best Product In The Market?

What’s C8 MCT Oils?

If you have already done your research for MCT oils, you must be aware that coconut is one of the richest sources of MCTs, especially C8. C8 is the most effective MCT when it comes to stimulating the production of ketone bodies. Here is the review of the best C8 MCT oil available in the market.

#1. Sports Research Premium MCT Oil

If you are looking for a potent C8 MCT oil supplement derived from coconut, you may try Sports Research Premium MCT Oil. Unlike most other MCT oils, it does not contain Palm oil.

This product is obtained from 100% pure coconut oil and would provide you a full spectrum of MCTs. We suppose this feature of the product should turn into better results for your keto diet.

Apart from the quality, Sports Research Premium MCT Oil also offers a truly tasteless choice if you do not like to change the natural taste of your beverage or food.

It is an odorless liquid, which would make it a great option for adding to your favorite shakes or coffee.

The high amount of MCTs in this oil makes it a good alternative to energy drinks as it would help you enjoy sustained levels of energy and stamina during workouts or other activities throughout the day.

Sports Research Premium MCT Oil would be a good choice for you if you are planning to combine your keto diet with a paleo or vegan diet.

This product is Paleo-compliant and is also registered as purely vegan by the Vegan Society. So, you can be assured that your paleo or vegan diet would not suffer while you enjoy the benefits of the keto diet with Sports Research Premium MCT Oil.

The product comes in a small ample sized 32-oz. bottle. The packaging is good, nothing awesome. But convenient to use. It is also affordable for most given its lower price range.

Pros of Sports Research Premium MCT Oil:

  • Obtained from pure, high quality coconut oil
  • Does not contain palm oil
  • Flavorless and odorless Organic
  • No gluten or GMO
  • Vegan and paleo friendly
  • Contains healthy fats, which help in weight management

Cons of Sports Research Premium MCT Oil:

  • May cause loose motions; yes, some users have noted that this product can cause frequent loose motions that may necessitate you to increase your fluid intake.

Customer Reviews,

Most users have expressed their satisfaction after using this product. They have gained good results and have also appreciated the high energy levels they could enjoy after using it in spite of skipping carbs completely from their keto diet.

Now, let’s get into the best MCT powder supplements that are safe and can produce a state of ketosis in a short duration.

What Are The Best MCT Powder Supplements?

#1. Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder

We suggest you try MCT powder from Perfect keto if you are a beginner to a keto diet. It is the best C8 MCT Oil in the powder form, which makes it easy for the beginners to consume in contrast to the oils that most beginners find difficult to include in their diet. (3)

Another feature of Perfect Keto C8 MCT oil Power we really liked is it contains the right combination of the medium-chain fatty acids that can help you get into ketosis.

It’s a personal choice for most of us as it addresses the problem of indigestion as well. Let us mention clearly in this Best MCT Powders Review that Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder is easy on the digestive system compared to MCT oils.

Hence, it’s a good option for the people who suffer from digestive troubles. We were worried that the ketosis diet might worsen the symptoms of indigestion due to the high-fat intake involved in it.

However, Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder addresses this concern and helps to get into ketosis without digestive troubles.

Another feature we liked about this product is the powder mixed much readily than the oils when we added it to any beverage.

We prefer to add it to coffee and we love the unique creaminess it gives to the drink. It also helps to save the time for adding it to the blender.

Another benefit of using Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder is you can carry it anywhere with you. This would offer a great convenience for you if you are a frequent traveler.

Your frequent trips will not interfere with your keto diet as you can pack the keto powder in your bag without worrying about spillage.

On the quality front, the Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder has been touted as 100% pure and provides the best quality of MCTs.

Also, it is devoid of fillers and other disgusting ingredients such as soluble corn fiber and maltodextrin, which we believe are commonly added to most commercial MCT products.

It’s a well packaged item and would reach you in a perfect condition. Hence, we would say it’s a great value for money considering primarily the results we achieved and secondarily the ease and convenience of use.

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder has provided great results. In our opinion, it’s an effective and an exceptional quality MCT powder that also tastes great. That is why; it stands apart, making it the best MCT powder.

Pros of Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder:

  • Saves time
  • 100% pure
  • No fillers or any harmful ingredients
  • Doesn’t cause indigestion or inflammation in your gut
  • Easy to mix in any beverage without creating a mess
  • More convenient to use than oil
  • Affordable price
  • Great taste with a choice of 3 flavors

Cons of Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder:

  • We have noticed that sometimes this powder leaves a gritty texture when added to smoothies and some other beverages, which we don’t like.

Customer Reviews,

Most customers have had a similar experience with Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder as me. Seems like everyone liked the creamy texture of the coffee when they added the powder to it.

We must mention that while we felt the product is rightly priced, some users have mentioned the price to be on a higher side.

We happened to stumble upon one customer review that explained to us that the gritty or clumpy nature of the beverage we do not like may actually indicate the high-purity of this product.

Check Current Price

#2. Keto//Kreme

What we liked about Kreme Product is how quickly it provides a surge in our energy levels. We have tried using it at different times during the day and irrespective of the same, it helped us feel energetic.

This product uses the shortest MCT’s, that is why they are easily converted into ketone bodies faster than other oils.

Another feature worth mentioning about this product is works like a natural ketone producing machine when taken every day and even helps you lose weight. It can turn your slow or average sugar-burning body into a fast fat-burning ketone producing machine.

It can be easily added to any beverage as it mixes rapidly. It’s also neatly packaged and priced reasonably.

Pros of Kreme Product:

  • No harmful ingredients
  • Easy to mix in any beverage
  • Reasonable price

Cons of Kreme Product:

  • Sometimes, this powder leaves an excessively creamy texture that you may not like, especially when you add it to smoothies.

Customer Reviews,

Customer review of Kreme Product have been positive with most of them satisfied with the results they achieved.

Know everything about MCT oil Before You Begin Your Keto Diet

1. What’s MCT oil?

“MCTs” stands for the medium-chain triglycerides. These are healthy fats in the forms of saturated fatty acid that have been proven to provide several health benefits.

There are 4 basic forms of MCTs including Caproic, Capric, Caprylic, and Lauric acids. Most commercially produced MCT oils possess one or more of these MCTs.

These acids are usually obtained from coconut oil or even palm oil.

However, the MCTs obtained from coconut oil are the ones you should be looking for as they are safer and more effective for inducing a state of ketosis.

2. What Are The Benefit of Using MCT Product?

1. Aid In Appetite Control And Weight Loss

MCTs would keep you satiated for longer thus stretching the time between meals. These fatty acids also aid in reducing your calorie consumption and stabilize blood sugar levels even when you are on a keto diet devoid of carbohydrates.

Medium-chain triglycerides also encourage the metabolic functions by preventing the fat deposition by fat oxidation and enhancing thermogenesis. This can help you get into ketosis faster and allow you to lose considerable weight. (4)

2. Fuels The Brain

MCTs offer a sustained and natural source of energy for the brain. They are easily digested and burned for energy by the liver instead of getting stored as fats.

It can improve your cognitive skills and enhance memory and concertation without causing brain fatigue when your carbohydrates intake is nil.

3. Promotes Gut Health

Medium-chain triglycerides support the gut health as they have the ability to fight harmful bacteria, parasites, and viruses without affecting the healthy bacterial flora of the intestines. (5)

So, there is no debate about the effectiveness of MCTs. But, won’t you like to learn more about MCTs and find about if you should use an MCT oil or powder? Let’s see what we have found out about the debate between these two forms of MCTs.

MCT Oil vs Powder: What’s Better Between The Two?

The biggest debate among keto dieters is which among the MCT oils and powers is better.

Basically, both the powder and oil forms of medium-chain triglycerides possess the ability to deliver the long-chain healthy fats to your body. But, there are a few differences worth noting.

First, you need to have a look at the density of the different fatty acids in different powder and oil forms.

The powdered MCTs are created using an agent like soy lecithin or corn fiber. Hence, they tend to have a lower concentration of the long-chain fatty acids than oils.

However, some people prefer using MCT powders as they can seamlessly blend into a number of liquids. They can also be utilized as an alternative for flour in baking.This comes across as a great advantage. You can also add MCT powders to foods.

Another advantage of using powders is they are easy to carry and travel with.

Finding the best MCT powers or oil may need you to do some research on your own. But, we have already done the job for you to help you save time. Let us have a look at where to buy the MCT oils and powders.

What Goes Into Making A Quality MCT Supplement?

When you are looking for the best and purest-quality MCT supplement, check whether the supplement contains all or at least C8 (Caprylic) and C10 (Lauric) fatty acids. These two long-chain fats can provide the most effective results and can help you get into ketosis faster.

Second, you should also look at the source of the fatty acids. It is advisable to opt for MCT supplements that are made entirely from the fats obtained from coconuts.

Additionally, while choosing the safe and high-quality MCT product, you should make sure it is devoid of certain ingredients such as:

  • Palm Oil
  • Additives
  • Unhealthy Fats

Finding the best MCT powers or oil may need you to do some research on your own. But, we have already done the job for you to help you save time. Let us have a look at where to buy the MCT oils and powders…

Where’s The Best Place To Buy MCT Oils And Powders?

Most of the products we discussed above are available on amazon. You can rely on brands like Perfect

keto, Onnit and Bulletproof for getting into ketosis in a safe and effective way.

In our opinion, the products of these brands are effective and safe.

They are also prepared based on ethical considerations and provide value for money to consumers.

Things To Look For in Your MCT Oil or Powder

1. Grams or the amount of Ketone-Producing MCTs:

Check the percentage of ketone producing MCTs such as Caprylic and Lauric acids in the MCT oil or powder you plan to use. Also, check the total grams of the MCT oil vs. the other ingredients present in it per gram of the product.

2. Quality of Carrier:

Different powders are used to “carry the oil” each of which possesses different properties. While some of the properties could be beneficial for your keto diet, some properties could prove to be detrimental. Hence, it is important to check for the attributes of the product.

For example; opt for the product that promotes the healthy gut flora growth and avoid those containing gut irritants.

3. Non-Allergen Status:

Make sure the product you choose is free of GMO, gluten, chemical, dairy-products and other harmful ingredients.


In our honest opinion, Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder is the best. It helped us get into ketosis faster even when we were beginners and taking our baby steps into learning about ketogenic diet.

But, you are the best judge of your own preferences and choices. You can select the best MCT oil or powder for you depending on the results you are looking for and the attributes of the products we discussed above.

We would suggest you to try one product for at least 2 weeks to experience its efficacy. You may continue using it if you are satisfied or try another if you are curious to know what more you can achieve with them.

In case you are not happy with the results of the second product, you can always fall back on the original choice.

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