Best Tents With Screen Room Buyer’s guide (Updated May 2020)

When we think of camping, the things that first come in our minds is the pleasure of magnificent outdoor landscape, feel of fresh air, sunshine, and enjoying amazing views.

If you are camping in a coastal location and you want to protect your food from any insects along with enjoying the rainy season, then a screen room will be a good option for you. This way, you’ll be able to adore the season, feel the breeze, appreciate the outside view, and also relish the food sitting inside the screen room.

Instead of carrying a separate screen room with you, you can pick a tent that has got a screen room attached to it. So, which tent with screen room to choose? Which factors to consider while buying a tent? Which is the best tent with screen room? Let’s discuss the answers to all these questions.

Factors To Look For While Picking The Best Tent With Screen Room


When we look for any tent, the first thing to consider is the size, and while selecting the size, various components that need to be kept in mind. The same consideration goes for the tent with a screened porch.

The first point to be considered is the number of people camping. For example, if you are the one who mostly goes for a couple-camping trip with your partner, then a two-room tent having an attached screen porch will be right for you. You need not worry about a large capacity tent or a tent with removable dividers. You can simply select a tent having a nice sleeping space along with an attached screened room that fulfills the purpose of lounging or eating or any other activity.

If you usually go on a camping trip with your whole family or a large group, then you need to look for tents having large capacity like the cabin tents. An ideal family tent is the one that provides comfort to every member and allows them to have a good night’s sleep.

There are some tents which come with detachable dividers. During the night, with the help of dividers, you can create separate rooms. During the day, you can remove the dividers and convert the room into an open living space. The dividers provide you the flexibility to change the tent space as per your need.

Not only the size of the sleeping space matter, but you also need to consider the size of the screen room. Some campers just want a small vestibule in which they can sit on their chair and enjoy the outside scenes away from irritating bugs. There are other campers too who want an ample screen space where they can fit in table and chairs and convert it into a gaming or dining room or use it for some other purposes.

The floor space, sleeping area, and the number of rooms will depend on your needs and preferences. So, choose the size of your tent accordingly.


The weight is another crucial factor to consider when choosing your best tent with screen room. When you are planning for backpacking or a hiking trip, then you’ll be carrying your tent. Even when you choose to go for car camping then also sometimes you have to park your vehicle far from the camping site.

In such cases, you’ll need a tent which has a light packing weight. In general, the smaller the tent will be, the lighter the packing weight is going to be. Still, there are many other options where you’ll find tents that are roomy and large and are still light in weight.

When you select a large tent, then it is evident that it will be more onerous, but this compromise is worthwhile as you’ll get an ample living as well as sleeping space, and a large screen room too.


For tall campers, height is a necessary factor to consider. When you are going to spend a significant duration of time in your tent, then you need a tent with a right center height so that you can stand fully without bumping your head to the ceiling. When you are buying a cabin tent with screened porches, then make sure you can stand adequately anywhere in your tent.

Taller tents become a problem when you are camping during windy weather—in such a situation, picking a tunnel tent that is low to the ground will be an excellent choice.

Ease Of Use

If you are an experienced camper, then setting up or taking down a tent is not an issue for you. But, for campers who camp alone and don’t have any companions to help, an instant tent with speedy setup and takedown is necessary.

The instant tent comes with a pre-assembled frame and attached rods. You simply have to unfold it and pop it up. The only catch is that these tents are heavier than the traditional setup tents.

Some tents with screened porch come with a removable floor, which allows you to remove it and clean the debris off.

We have now discussed the factors that need to be considered while buying a tent. Its time for us to look at the camping tents with the screen room.

Best Tents With Screen Room

1.     Core-Lighted 10 Person Tent With Screen Room

It is an instant tent which takes a few minutes to put into place. All you have to do is to unfold the tent, put the pre-attached poles in place, and extend it until you hear a click sound.

There is a removable rainfly, to prevent rain, that can be detached to enjoy the outside view through the mesh ceiling. The tent is equipped with a proper ventilation system. The fresh cold air comes in via an intake vent near the ground, and hot air goes out through the mesh ceiling.

A special system of LED lighting is present in the roof poles of the tent. The camper can choose from the three brightness modes and adjust it using the wall-mounted switch, which is lit for easy access in the dark. The run time of the light depends upon the brightness mode you choose; it varies from 50 hours to 250 hours. The lighting system is efficient enough to disperse the light inside the whole tent using a diffusion panel.

The size of the tent is 14 x 10 feet with a center height of 7 feet, making it fit for tall people. There is a room divider option for creating two rooms.

There is a battery compartment to power the LED lighting system, but the 4-D batteries don’t come with the kit.


  • The lighting system is a unique feature.
  • Easy to setup.


  • The camper needs to remember to carry batteries along, to power the lighting system.

2.  Coleman 6-Person Dome Tent

When it comes to a well-built waterproof tent, then nothing can beat this one. It is equipped with a patented Weather Tec system and has got welded floors along with inverted seams.

It is a spacious tent with a center height of 6’ 1”.

The tent can be set up quickly using the pole sleeves, and the rainfly is there for added weather protection.

There are internal storage pockets to store your gear. For additional convenience, there is an E-port to charge electronics too.

This windproof tent is available in various colors. You can even go for the model, which has got LED lighting as well as darkroom technology.


  • No worry about water leakage, thanks to the Weather Tec system.
  • It has got awning for shade.
  • There is proper ventilation using the floor vents and the large-size windows.
  • Light in weight.


  • The awning is a bit small.
  • Packing it up is tricky.
  • There are no replacement poles in the kit.

3. Outbound- 8-Person Dome Tent

If you are looking for a tent for hiking purposes, then this one will suit you as it only weighs 18 pounds. It comes with a zipped duffle bag for packing it up and carrying it. There are stakes and guy lines to handle windy conditions

This tunnel style tent is easy to setup using the fiberglass frame system.

The size of the living space is around 14 x 8 feet with a front porch of 14 x 5 feet. The inside height of 6 feet 4 inches allows the user to move around comfortably.

The tent has a bathtub style floor, and the floor of the screened part is removable. For ventilation in the living area, there is a D-shaped door and two windows along with the mesh roof panel. There is a zippered door in the screened room too. The rainfly with front canopy keeps the bugs and insects outside.


  • A combination of excellent size and lightweight makes it ideal for family camping.


  • If eight people sleep in this tent, then it would be crowded, and there will not be any space for gear storage.

4. Gazelle- Pop Up Portable Camping Hub Tent

If you are looking for a quick setup tent, then this one will serve your purpose as it is a fully assembled tent that could be put in place by just popping it up. It is a durable structure having a metal hub along with fiberglass poles that are capable enough to resist windy and harsh weather conditions.

The tent comes with a rainfly having integrated poles to make the tent fit for use during the rainy season. The seams are tightly sealed and taped to resist rainwater from getting inside the tent. The rainfly can be detached during dry weather to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Another positive feature of this tent is that it has got a bathtub design floor to resist rain. The floor is removable, which allows the user to clean dirt from it.

It is an 8-person tent that can be put into use in various combinations. The combination depends on the number of members. Four members can comfortably sleep in the screen room section. Eight members can be accommodated by using both sections of the tent. For a better sleeping area for four, two members can sleep in each section of the tent.

The dimensions of the tent are 14 x 8 feet with a height of 6.5 feet. For added convenience, there are five windows and two doors in the tent. One is the large main entrance, and another one is the D-shaped door. The tent weighs around 47 pounds.

For storing your gear and other stuff, the tent is equipped with two removable gear lofts and two big storage nets along with three pouch pockets that are wall-mounted.


  • Easy to clean removable floor.
  • Easy to set up with the pop-up design.


  • Heavy for backpacking or hiking trips.

5. NEMO- Wagontop Camping Tent

This tent offers a perfect combination of a large tent and a lightweight design, weighing just 24 pounds.

Ideal for tackling windy conditions, the poles are uniquely designed to lock at the hub and connect to the body.

For better ventilation, the screened porch has got windows on all sides, and a rainfly fly is there to cover the porch and windows for preventing any unwanted elements from coming in.

There are large windows on all sides for ventilation in the sleeping space. There are interior covers too for privacy. A door is there between the screened porch and sleeping space that separates both sections.

This 11.6 x 8.3 feet tent with a height of 6.5 feet has got interior gear pockets to store the gear.


  • The ceiling is high throughout the tent.
  • Light in weight.


  • The screen room is smaller than the sleeping space.

6. Chinook- 6-Person Fiberglass Pole Tent

This tent has got two dome-shaped rooms having a height of 6’9”. One dome is the sleeping area, and the other dome is the screened portion. The screened part has a removable floor too.

The tent can accommodate six people in its size of 13’8” x 9’4”. It weighs around 28 1/2 pounds.

The tent can be used in different ways, depending on the number of members. Large size screen room, along with sleeping space, provides the flexibility to use both the areas in various ways.

For entrance, there are two D-shaped doors. There is a full-coverage rainfly for rain protection. The rainfly also has two doors, which can be used as sun or rain awnings. The gear loft works as a storage solution.


  • The removable floor makes it easy to clean.
  • Excellent center height of 6’ 9”.


  • The two dome room design is not that much flexible as the removable divider design.

7. Wenzel-Eldorado 8-Person Tent

This cabin-style tent is an excellent option to accommodate eight people. The tent comes with a curtain divider that can create two separate sections by dividing the living area. For ventilation, there are large windows present in screened as well as the sleeping area. The main entrance is present in the screened sections, and a D-shaped door is there in the living area.

For convenience in setting it up, there is a fiberglass mainframe which comes equipped with steel uprights and corner elbows.

This 14 x 9 x 6 feet tent with a center height of 7 feet weighs around 29 pounds.


  • Different combinations for dividing the tent can be used, thanks to the divider curtain.
  • Proper Ventilation.


  • Heavyweight for backpacking trips.

Our Pick

Outbound- 8-Person Dome Tent

  • The tent is massive, and you can comfortably live in this tent for a long duration. The living space dimensions are 14x 8 feet with a height of 6’ 4”.
  • For additional space, there is a screened porch of size 14 x 5 feet.
  • The tent can accommodate eight people comfortably.
  • It is ideal for any type of camping, including backpacking, hiking, and car camping, as it only weighs 18 pounds.
  • The tent is convenient to set up, thanks to the fiberglass frame system.
  • There is proper airflow via the zippered opening in the screened room and D-shaped door in the living area. There are two windows, and a mesh roof panel for better ventilation is living space.
  • For protection against outside elements, the tent comes with rainfly and front canopy.
  • The stakes and guy lines keep the tent in place during windy weather.

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