Chamberlain WD1000WF Garage Door Opener Review

Chamberlain WD1000WF Garage Door Opener Review

When looking for ways to improve your driving experience, you will want to consider which accessory will provide the most convenience for the most reasonable price. If you use your car every day and you park in your garage once you get home, you will find that a garage door opener is an excellent investment.

You may be wondering why you would wish to invest in a garage door opener, so let’s look at some of the most pertinent reasons. It is evident that investing in a garage door opener makes your life more convenient, but you may be wondering exactly how it accomplishes this, so let’s start with the obvious.

Instead of having to step out of your car whenever you feel like parking in the garage, you can just press a button and have the door open up for you automatically. This is much more convenient, and it saves you a good deal of time every day that you park your car in your garage at home.

You may also get good use out of a garage door opener if you have any pre-existing injuries that make it either difficult or impossible to open your garage door on your own. The issue of medical conditions becomes even more serious when your garage door is a heavier model that may require some effort to open.

A quality garage door opener will also be able to improve your home security since it will lock more reliably than a standard door. The garage door often tends to be the weak spot that burglars use to break into a home if it is not sufficiently secured, which a garage door opener can do.

There are many more reasons why you would want to invest in a garage door opener, but we have to move on. The last thing we will be doing before getting to our review is going over an aspect that is integral to some of the best garage door opener models.

About The Product

When you are looking for the best garage door opener on the market, you will want to ensure that it is reasonably quiet. Since garage door openers are relatively complicated pieces of machinery, there are a lot of moving parts which are capable of producing a significant racket.

Your tolerance for the amount of noise emitted by your garage door opener will determine how important this aspect is for you. The importance of the loudness of your product will also depend on the layout of your home and the distance of your neighbors.

If you are surrounded by neighbors, and there are bedrooms near your garage, you will wish to opt for a garage door opener which is as silent as possible. The most silent garage door openers make use of a belt drive system to ensure that there is no clanking due to the chain or the screw drive.

Keep in mind that garage door openers which are quieter will be more expensive since they will require more care in their design and construction. Some will argue that belt drive models are also less reliable than other types but new garage door openers have primarily eliminated this issue with steel reinforcement.


  • Uses MyQ technology to allow for smartphone app support
  • This product works with eight-foot doors as well as ten-foot doors for your garage
  • Includes two remote controls for use with two cars or in case one is lost​
  • Includes a wireless exterior keypad for on-foot access
  • ​Includes an LCD control unit for on-site adjustment
  • Comes included with a backup battery that allows this door to run for three days


If you are looking for the best garage door opener, and you want a product that comes included with a backup battery, this model is one of the better models you can purchase.

You may be wondering just what makes this garage door opener so unique when compared to other models in its price range and we would argue that it is mainly the backup battery. While it comes included with a few features that are more advanced, the backup battery is the main attraction in this product.

While it may increase the price, the inclusion of a backup battery ensures that you will be able to operate your garage door opener for up to three days without power. The backup battery makes this garage door opener an ideal choice for users who need access to their garage in an emergency.

There is also a wide range of extra accessories that are included with this garage door opener, such as a second remote control, a keypad for exterior use, and a control panel. All of these control interfaces ensure that you will be able to use your garage door opener regardless of your position. Click here to learn more about the product.

What Others Say

When it comes to user reviews, much of the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. This product was mainly praised for the ease with which it can be installed as well as the intuitive smartphone connection process. Unlike other products, that will make you jump through hoops; you can couple your phone to this opener in minutes.

There have been disputes about the branding of this product as a 1-¼ hp motor, as some users have calculated that it is only capable of 0.5 hp. We would recommend looking further into this issue if you have a particularly heavy garage door, as this model may strain to open it.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a garage door opener which is as affordable as possible, you may not get that out of this product. Thanks to the inclusion of a backup battery, this model is a little bit more expensive than comparable models. This product is available for nearly 250 dollars on Amazon.

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