Cobana Outdoor Patio Umbrella Review

Cobana Outdoor Patio Umbrella Review

A patio umbrella is among the most useful outdoor furniture you can invest in. After all, there’s nothing better than lazing around in the sun on a hot summer day. A patio umbrella will offer you much needed shade from the scorching sun and will also protect you from the rain.

This handy furniture might also encourage you to get more fresh air, especially if the umbrella is as stylish as the rest of your backyard furniture. The right piece of equipment will not only allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather but it will also protect your skin from damage.

About The Product

COBANA is a leader when it comes to manufacturing outdoor furniture and accessories. The brand focuses on manufacturing high quality products along with good quality and design. COBANA has been in business for over 20 years and has established quite a name in the outdoor furniture business.

Customer service is another major concern of the brand and the company strives to cater to each customer. All the products are developed and designed by their hard working and professional R&D team.

The COBANA 9 Ft Aluminum Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella is one of the sturdiest and most popular umbrellas in the market. This umbrella is perfect for individuals who live in an area that has wind speed below 5 mph.

Best of all, the umbrella doesn’t weight more than 5 pounds so you can easily transport it to different locations easily. The umbrella can be conveniently folded up when it’s not in use so you can store it inside the cupboard. The outdoor table umbrella is made using heavy-duty materials. Some notable features of the product includes:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Pole: This outdoor table umbrella features a lightweight aluminum pole that is designed to keep individuals cool and comfortable. The poles unscrews at the middle, resulting in convenient storage and also features a steel center pole easy operation.
  • Stunning Exterior: The umbrella is made using bright and breathable fabrics. The light filtering 100% polyester material helps block maximum UV rays. Rest assured, the color of the fabric doesn’t fade away easily.
  • Push-Button Tilt: Users can conveniently tilt the umbrella from side to side. This results in maximum coverage and provides more angles of shading. You can use the crank handle on the umbrella that enables you to open and close it easily. This allows users to tilt the umbrella in various angles to offer maximum protection.
  • Rust-Free Powder Coated: The frame of this outdoor table umbrella is rust-free powder coated. This allows users to leave their umbrellas outdoors without a worry.
  • Classic High Quality Exterior: The umbrella features a 9-inch diameter with 8 steel ribs for added strength. It won’t overheat and is designed to keep you cool and comfortable. The fabric is quite thick and won’t tear or wear out, despite rough weather conditions. It also features an air vent at the tip that allows sufficient airflow and ventilation during a hot day.

As an added tip, it is not recommend to set up the umbrella when it is too windy outside, especially if the wind speed goes over 5mph.

Fold and store the umbrella when it is not in use, we suggest you store it for safe-keeping during the winters. Also, since the pole diameter is only 1.5 inches, use it with a matching bade for added stability. It is probably best if the base weighs more than 50lbs.

What Others Say

This outdoor table umbrella received a great rating on Amazon. While some customers were highly pleased with their purchase, a few customers agreed the product could use a few improvements. Customers who bought the product from Amazon were quite impressed that the produce was delivered on time.

A customer also posted a short video that will help you learn more about the product and how to use it. Most customers were pleased by how great the umbrella looks at first sight. Purchasing it is an easy way to add more color in your backyard.

Best of all, it is incredibly lightweight so you can conveniently carry it around without any inconveniences. On the downside, a few customers also wrote negative reviews for the COBANA 9 Ft Aluminum Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella.

According to a customer, the color of the fabric faded after only a few weeks of being left out in the sun. While the product was beautiful outside the box, the color won’t last for long. Another customer complained the product came in several pieces and was not worth the money.

Buying Advice

This outdoor table umbrella can be purchased on Amazon with free shipping on Amazon Prime. If you want to save more money, be on the lookout for promotional offers, deals and discounts. The current price is shown below along with price statistics over time.  If you want to wait for a price drop, we will notify you when a sale price happens.


Overall, this outdoor table umbrella is one of the most popular and affordable umbrellas in the market. Not only is the product well-priced but it has loads of cool features too that you would expect from a high-end product.

The bright colors and lightweight design makes the COBANA 9 a great choice for outdoor events or lazy day out in the backyard. Rest assured, the product could be used even if it is blazing hot outside, thanks to its breathable fabric and air vent.

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