Genie ChainMax 1000 Garage Door Opener Review

Genie ChainMax 1000 Garage Door Opener Review

Your garage is the designated spot in your home for your car or cars. You will want your garage to be convenient enough to be used every day, especially if you need to keep your car out of the weather. However, getting out of your car and manually opening the door to your garage can get a little old, especially doing it day after day.

One of the best ways to make your garage more convenient is to install a garage door opener which allows you to open your garage door without having to lift it physically. This means that you will not even have to leave your car once you are ready to park in your garage.

There are three primary systems which are used to run garage door openers, and each of these methods has its own set of pros and cons.

Let’s look at the most popular of these systems, and the one which is used on the model that we will be reviewing today: the chain drive.

As you may have guessed from the name, the primary component which does the work in a chain drive is a metal chain.

This chain lifts your garage door (by raising the trolley) when the electric motor pulls it, and it lowers it when the tension on the chain is slackened (when the motor is throttled back).

Chain drive models have the advantage of improved durability and longevity thanks to the resilient design of the chain drive system. If you are looking for a garage door opener that can operate in nearly any conditions, a model which uses a chain drive is often your best choice.

Unfortunately, there are some issues with chain-drive garage door openers. The most common problem that users experience is excessive noise due to the clanking and grinding of the chain. This is made up for, however, by the added durability and the lower price of models using a chain drive.

About The Product

When you are choosing your garage door opener, you should remember that your garage is an entrance to your house and it should be secured as such. If you would like to ensure that your home is resistant to burglary and robbery, your garage door opener will need suitable security systems.

For example, most models will come included with a deadbolt that locks automatically when the garage door is lowered. This feature is standard on almost every modern garage door opener. Keep in mind that this is not your only line of defense from robbery, there are many systems which are more advanced.

Some garage door openers feature a system that will change the authentication code used for entry every so often to ensure that the code does not get cracked by an enterprising thief. Systems which operate using wifi will need extra network security to ensure that the connection cannot be hacked.

Similar to an IP camera, you will have to ensure that your home network is as secure as possible if you want to feel confident that your home will not be infiltrated when you are using a wifi capable model. While wifi compatibility has its advantages, there are also some issues that arise in the domain of security.


  • The chain drive ensures that this model is reliable and durable
  • The DC motor that is used with this model operates on 140 volts
  • ​The rail that comes with this model ensures that dust or dirt does not build up and jam it
  • There are two remotes which are included with this product​
  • This garage door opener also comes included with an exterior keypad and an interior control panel
  • This model uses the safe-T beam system to prevent any injuries or damage to your car


If you want a garage door opener which operates using a tested, proven chain drive system, there are few models which can compete with the ChainMax 1000 from Genie.

While some may question the inclusion of a chain drive on this model, there are some circumstances where a belt drive or a screw drive just won’t cut it. This system is much more reliable than the other options, and it is not as loud as some of the different types of chain-drives that we have previously tested.

This model also comes included with everything that you will need for setup. There are two panels included: one keypad for outside use, and one control panel for indoor use. When coupled with the pair of remotes that come with this product, everything you need comes in the box.

The safe-T beam system will alleviate any concerns you may have about potential injuries or damage to your vehicle because of the door falling. While the garage door can still fall in the event of a power failure or a malfunction, it will not close when something is obstructing it. Click here to learn more about the product.

What Others Say

We also looked through customer reviews for this product so we can give you a better idea of the long-term use that you will get out of this garage door opener. Most customers were happy to find that this garage door opener is much easier to install than other models.

Customers also praised the inclusion of multiple safety features, making this one of the safest garage door openers available. There were some complaints about the speed of this model, but that depends on the weight of your garage door, so it will vary from customer to customer.

Buying Advice

As you may know, chain-drive garage door openers tend to be the most affordable type, and this is reflected in this model’s price. Available for about 170 dollars, it is just below the average price range for the number of features that you get and the quality of its construction.

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