Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet In-Depth Review

Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet In-Depth Review

A proper toilet can make the difference in one’s life. The flushing power, as well as the height, are some very important aspects you should take int consideration. The first one can potentially save you some good money on bills. The second one, well, it’s all about the comfort.

Now, “price” and “brand” are two notions that don’t really facilitate your search. If you have no history as a plumber, you can’t make sure that one model is better than the other. Luckily for you, I’ve got the solution to this problem.

When I rented my house, I was a little let down by the toilet it was having, so I made a great acquisition: the toilet Kohler Santa Rosa. Let me tell you why I think this is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while.

About The Product

Kohler products are not obscure. Look through your bathroom, and you’ll definitely stumble upon one of their accessories. But we shan’t digress. What’s striking about this toilet is its design. It’s less voluminous than many other toilets.

The fact that the tank is integrated with the bowl accounts for this. The problem with toilets that come as two pieces is that you can’t clean them properly without dismantling the seat. So, being integrated, Santa Rosa can be cleaned in a matter of minutes, with a sponge and some disinfectant.

Even though it has a large, elongated bowl, it’s quite compact so that it can fit even in narrower bathrooms. Here’s a complete list of features you’ll get with this particular brand:

  • 1.28 GPF (gallons per flush)
  • Weight: 102 lbs.
  • Gravity flush
  • Chair height
  • Lid and seat included in the package
  • Easy installation

All things considered, until now, the Santa Rosa is indeed a great purchase, but allow me to tell you even more about it.

The Results

Santa Rosa is fantastic; there’s no doubt about it. The main two things I purchased it for were: the type of flush (gravity flush – it cleans the bowl when you flush) and the size of the seat.

I’ve looked everywhere for a toilet with a comfortable seat. Although I’m very much against buying things on the Internet, I said to myself that this deserved a shot, so I ordered it. Man, I don’t regret my decision.

The flush is fantastic. One push of the valve and the bowl is as clean as it was when the delivery guys brought the package. Of course, the greatest thing about this Santa Rosa item is how much easier it is to install it.

I’m really no handyman, but honestly, the installation of this toilet was a piece of cake. It took me in the range of an hour, maybe less, to make it ready for use. Moreover, I’ve had it for a couple of months now, and it hasn’t clogged once.

What Others Say

The reviews for the Kohler Santa Monica have been largely positive, and it shouldn’t be difficult to see why. What some brands don’t understand is that not all people are plumbers. Therefore, they need to pay extra to have the toilets installed.

In this respect, the Santa Monica was praised (and still is), by the vast majority of the owners. What’s more, some people are actually surprised to get this toilet in one piece at home, with no chipping on the exterior or even worse – completely broken.

That probably depends on where you get it from. Some websites don’t have connections with reputable courier companies. Make sure you won’t get a box of ceramic fragments by getting yours from a website that puts a lot of emphasis on shipping safety.

Fortunately, I’ve got mine from Amazon, and haven’t had an issue with shipping from start to finish.

What We Like About It

As mentioned previously, what I appreciate the most is that I can clean it in 10 minutes without taking contortionism classes. Surely, the price isn’t bad either. This will undoubtedly be the #1 choice for a lot of people.

And why would it not be? Easy to install? Check. Fair price? Check. Stylish? Check. You do the math.

What We Don’t Like About It

The single thing that could qualify as a disadvantage is its weight. There’s no way you can carry it to the 2nd floor without help, at least not without breaking your back and getting a hernia.

But apart from that, nothing to say against it. Some of those who have purchased it stated that it came broken – that’s the fault of those who transported it, by no means the fault of the brand.

Buying Tips

You can find the Santa Rosa on a multitude of websites, but here’s the inside scoop: first of all, it might be pricier. Second of all, you might not get it in 1 piece. I bought it from Amazon and was the beneficiary of a good discount, as well.

And by the way, you get free shipping with Amazon – food for thought. Considering that it’s under $500, this is the best purchase you can make. The choice is yours, however, so don’t haste.

Final Thoughts

Kohler’s Santa Rosa is cool. And that’s an understatement right there. If you don’t want to spend tons of money on your toilet, but at the same time you want to get something that will last you, the Santa Rosa meets all those terms.

I’m not really picky when it comes to toilets, but I’m sure I made the right call by getting this one. It’s sturdy, it looks good, seating on it feels good, it’s the perfect size and height (at least for me), and it’s easy to clean it. What could you want more from a toilet?

I highly recommend it to whoever needs a toilet. You won’t regret anything.


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