Saniflo Sanicompact 48 Toilet Review

Saniflo Sanicompact 48 Toilet Review

Sometimes, you can’t install a normal toilet because its position would be too far from the main drain line. In this case, you have to transform your bathroom in a battlefront. Or do you?

Toilets with macerator are more recommended if you find yourself in this situation. The waste will be destroyed by the macerator’s blades and then ejected. It’s true that macerator toilets are considerably more expensive than your usual toilets, but sometimes there’s no other way around it.

Saniflo’s Sanicompact 48 is a jewel. If you’ve never heard of it, I’ve prepared an in-depth review for it so that you won’t be missing on any piece of important information concerning it.

About The Product

The Sanicompact 48 is one of those toilets people try to stay away from due to the price-tag. But, as mentioned before, sometimes you might not have another choice. And in spite of this, Saniflo’s model is less expensive than many other macerator toilets.

Saniflo Sanicompact 48 Toilet Features

The first thing that attracts the gaze of the onlooker is its cute design. It appears to be really, really small, but the physical product is not. As many other toilets like it, Sanicompact has a gravity flush system and an elongated bowl. Here’s a list of some of the features:

  • 2-year warranty
  • ​1 gallon per flush (amazing, considering how much water you’ll be saving)
  • Pumping: 100 ft. horizontally and 9 ft. vertically
  • Made out of porcelain
  • Super quiet for a macerator unit
  • Easy installation
  • 62.2 (so much lighter than hundreds of other similar toilets)

Are you ready to hit “Order” yet? If not, bear with me.

The Results

Sanicompact 48 works flawlessly. What’s really great about it is that it’s so silent, even though it has a pretty potent macerator. Most of the toilets with macerators are usually very noisy.

Moreover, it uses one gallon of water per flush, which is great, especially if you think that standard toilets use somewhere around 1.4 gallons.

And of course, as the name says it, it is compact. Therefore, it will fit even in narrower spaces, where you could not install a classic toilet. So, if you have a small bathroom, you might want to take this toilet into consideration

Saniflo Sanicompact 48 Flushing System

Its size allows it to be installed wherever you want, from a basement to an attic. But this is the real icing on the cake: it has an electronic limiter that ensures no more than 1 gallon of water will be used for each flush. So, it’s not a guess or an approximation.

What Others Say

I can join the vast majority of reviews that have been dropped for this particular toilet. What people like best about this toilet is that it is easy to install (there has been a case in which a disabled person managed to do it without any help), it is silent, and it simply does its job.

As you might expect, there are also some naysayers. However, the problems they were talking about were definitely caused by faulty transportation (i.e. chipped plastic). All in all, the feedback has been positive.

Many reviews can be read at leisure, but they will only point where I’m pointing anyway: this toilet is great.

What We Like

First of all, the size of it. The toilet is compact, which automatically leads to two positive aspects: it becomes very easy to install, and it doesn’t use too much space in your bathroom.

Second of all, it uses very little water to flush and then macerate properly. The price, too, isn’t that bad, considering that macerating toilets usually go past four digits sums. This is a little under $1000. Therefore, it’s a good buy.

The design is nothing incredibly fancy or groundbreaking, but neither it is bland and uninspired. It just fits the bathroom, regardless of the overall design of that space. It’s really great, all things considered.

What We Don’t Like

I haven’t found anything not to like about this toilet. But some people complained that it’s not as silent as said. There’s an explanation to this: bathroom acoustics. If you have a large bathroom, then the noise will probably be more intense.

By contrast, a smaller bathroom will reduce the noise considerably. All these so-called complaints can, therefore, be explained pretty easily.

Buying Advice

Saniflo products can be bought from a variety of locations, but not all of them will ensure that you will get the product completely safe and sound. I would recommend you get yours from Amazon. You’ll get free shipping and, if you like, help with installation (not free of charge).

Amazon has worked on its transportation standards, and I can vouch that you will have no problem at all with having your product delivered on time and with no defects. But then again, you can choose for yourself, so you can go with any other retailer you might find fit.

Final Thoughts

Macerating toilets are great for those people who don’t want to drill holes in their bathroom floors to connect the toilets to the drain pipes.

If you’re in such a situation, then Saniflo’s Sanicompact 48 will definitely come in handy. Think of how much money you’ll be saving by purchasing this!

I bought mine precisely for this reason, so I know what I’m talking about, be sure of that. If you don’t have the budget yet, don’t worry, it won’t go out of order soon. You can save for a few months and then you can get it.

With all these being said, I hope you enjoyed this review and found it informative. I’ve talked from the perspective of an owner, so trust me when I say, once more: you won’t regret making this decision.

Ponder on my review and make your choice accordingly. For the best transportation services, consider Amazon and be the beneficiary of free shipping.

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