Stott Pilates Eco-friendly Mat Review: Is The Best Exercise Mat For Pilates?

Stott Pilates Eco-friendly Mat Review: Is The Best Exercise Mat For Pilates?

Many people find eco-friendly Pilates mats to be more expensive as compared to standard fitness mats but if you want to perform Pilates at the comforts of your own home, you may want to consider the Stott Pilates Eco-friendly Mat as it can give you the following benefits:

  • It is healthier for you since it does not contain toxins and harmful chemicals.
  • It is safer for the environment as it is made of sustainable materials.

These good points already make the price worth it. But there is more to this mat than all these benefits. To know more about them, read this comprehensive Stott Pilates Eco-friendly Mat review.

What is the Stott Pilates Mat?

The Stott Pilates Mat is one of the few eco-friendly recyclable mats that you can find in the market. This mat is designed to protect your spine on hard surfaces while you enjoy the benefits of doing floor exercises.

Who Created the Stott Pilates Mat?

The Stott Pilates Mat is the product of Merrithew, a company established in 1988. They are dedicated to developing high-integrity products, programs, and services to help their users fulfill their potential.

The founders of the company believe that the key to a better and healthier lifestyle is effective and responsible exercise and that is why they are committed to delivering products that can help people achieve this goal.

Why Should You Buy the Stott Pilates Mat?

Here are the Features!

Eco-friendly materials

The main selling point of this mat is it is eco-friendly. The tpe thermal plastic elastomer material used in this product is recyclable and decomposable.

Highly Portable

This Pilates mat is lightweight. In fact, it weighs only 2.2 pounds. But what makes this product portable is it includes a carry strap. The carrying strap allows the user to bring the mat wherever he goes— even while traveling.

Reversible design

Another great feature of the Stott Pilates mat is it is a reversible mat. Both sides of the mat are textured and feature two different colors so you can reverse it whenever you want.

Great wrist and knee protection

Just like most yoga mats, this product is made of a thick thermal plastic elastomer foam which delivers excellent protection to your wrists and knees. It can also provide padding to your spine when you perform core exercises.

Textured surfaces

The mat has a ribbed and textured surface which can prevent the mat from slipping off the floor. Moreover, it delivers good grip which makes it perfect for performing yoga, pilates, and general floor exercises.

The Stott Pilates Pros to Expect:

  • Stylish color combinations—LeafGrn/ Bark, Midnight/Twilight, Onyx/Stone, Plum/Cranberry, and Watermelon/Mango
  • Long mat—perfect for tall people
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for both Pilates and Yoga
  • Odor-free.

The Stott Pilates Cons to Be Ready For:

  • Still needs to be aired out
  • A bit pricey
  • Warranty details are a bit vague

Stott Pilates Mat Review:

As they say, the best way to know if the product is for you is to read its user reviews. With that in mind, I have compiled a few Stott Pilates Eco-friendly Mat reviews below:

  • In one Stott Pilates Eco-friendly mat review, a user enumerated all the things he liked about the product. These include the textured surfaces, lightweight, and easy maintenance. According to him, the mat does not give off an unwanted and is easy to roll up.
  • Another user commended the thickness of the mat. He also appreciates the fact that the mat has grooves on both sides.
  • After testing different brands of yoga mat, one user settled on the Stott Pilates mat because it is perfect for both Pilates and yoga. She also highlights the fact that it has a longer base and a thicker feel which is perfect for all types of surfaces, even on stone flooring.
  • On the other hand, a Stott Pilates eco-friendly mat review states that the mat rips easily. According to her, the grip it gives is not enough for yoga.
  • Lastly, a user shared that the mat needs to be aired out even though it is considered an eco-friendly mat.

Stott Pilates Mat Vs. Crescent Moon Pilates Mat

As I have mentioned, there are only a few eco-friendly mats on the market. In this section, we will be comparing the features of two popular brands in the market—Stott Pilates mat and the Crescent Moon Pilates Mat. Here is a short comparison table of these two products:

Product Name Stott Pilates Eco-friendly Mat Crescent Moon Pilates Mat
Dimensions 24” x 68” 0.3” 26” x 72” .25”
Colors Five

(LeafGrn/ Bark, Midnight/Twilight, Onyx/Stone, Plum/Cranberry, and Watermelon/Mango)


(Blue and Black)

Weight 2.2 pounds 2.75 pounds
Carry Strap Yes No

These mats have a lot of differences. From the table, we can tell that the Stott Pilates is thicker than the Crescent Moon Pilates mat. It also is lighter in weight and has more color options. The Stott Pilates mat is also a bit more affordable than the latter.

Frequently Asked Questions (and More Tips!)

If you have more questions about the Stott Pilates Eco-friendly, here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about this Pilates mat:

How much is the Stott Pilates Eco-friendly mat?

The mat is sold at a price range of $35 to $47.

Is the product protected by a warranty?

With regards to warranty details, it is best that you inquire with the manufacturer.

How long does it take before you receive the product?

If you are within Canada and the continental US, you can expect the product to arrive approximately 10 business days after you have purchased the item. This is shipped in envelopes via standard postal service.

If you are outside Canada and the US, the item can be shipped via express courier within 5 to 7 business days.

Who Should Buy the Stott Pilates Mat?

Wondering if this is the Pilates mat for you? The manufacturer claims that the use of the product is beneficial for:

  • People who want to perform Pilates without experiencing pain in the spine.
  • People who want to do yoga and Pilates on different surfaces.
  • People who are passionate about yoga and Pilates.

Is the Stott Pilates Eco-friendly Mat for You?

Enjoying your Pilates yoga sessions without a mat can be difficult.  When you use such a product, you are protecting your spine while you enjoy your workout.

The Stott Pilates Eco-friendly Mat is one of the few eco-friendly Pilates mats in the market. As compared to its other counterparts, this has a longer length which makes it suitable for taller people. With its price and features, I can say that this mat is definitely worth the investment.

If you wish to know more about this Pilates mat, please check it out here.

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