Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Rosewood Straight Steak Knives Review

Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Rosewood Straight Steak Knives Review

If you love steak, you know that there is nothing better than sinking your teeth into a nice, juicy piece of meat that has been perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. You also know that there is nothing more frustrating than grabbing for a knife to cut a piece of steak and discovering that it is ripping, not slicing, through the meat.

Your dream of enjoying a delicious and fantastic meal is crushed as you try to gnaw your knife through the steak. And, what’s worse, when you finally do cut a piece off, the flavorful juices are all over the plate instead of in the meat. Talk about frustration.

If you enjoy eating steak, a great set of steak knives with sharp, durable blades are an absolute must. When it comes to finding a set of steak knives to purchase, you are going to find that there are a lot of options to choose from. While having a lot of choices is a good thing, it can make finding the best choice for your needs a real challenge.

Trying to search through all of the available options, and reading and comparing the specifications can really be a daunting experience. We have scoured through the countless options that are available, assessed the specifications and compared user reviews.

After all of our extensive research, we have found an excellent set of steak knives that you can be confident will allow you to enjoy your next steak – and your steaks for a long time – to the fullest: The Victorinox 4-3/4 inch Wavy Edge Spear Tip Steak Knife with Rosewood Handles.

Below, you will find detailed information about these steak knives, including the features, customer reviews, and where to buy.

About The Product

The makers of the renowned Swiss Army Knife have created a truly incredible set of steak knives: The Victorinox Wavy Edge Spear Tip Steak Knife. These steak knives are designed to offer the durability and the precision that is needed to make the smoothest cuts in your meat, time after time.

The serrated blades are constructed of high carbon stainless steel, which is tampered, giving the knives an edge that can be sharpened over and over again. The blades are full tang and are riveted to rosewood handles, ensuring that they offer stability that will last a lifetime.

The handles are specially designed to reduce tension in the wrist and offer a comfortable grip. The blades are also conical ground, which gives them a wider break point, which reduces the risk of having them break.

The Victorinox 4 3/4 Inch Wavy Edge Spear Tip Steak Knives come complete with their very own press fit storage box. This storage box is specially designed to hold the six knives that come with the set, as well as a sharpening tool.

The smooth rosewood handles are ergonomically designed to offer a comfortable grip and put less tension on the wrist while cutting. Thanks to the design of the handles, you will be able to put the perfect amount of pressure on your meat, ensuring that you will get the perfect cut of meat every time.

Using Victorinox Steak Knife

The blades of each of the Vicotrinox Wavy Edge Spear Tip Steak Knives with Rosewood Handles are stamped. They are created from cold rolled steel, which is then ground, tempered and sharpened. The result of this process is blades that are narrower, lighter and easier to use.

What Others Say

Before you invest in a product, you want to make sure that you are getting the very best. Reviews offered from people who use the product can help you determine just how good a product is, and whether or not you should move forward with your purchase.

Users have shared their reviews of the Victorinox Wavy Edge Spear Tip Steak Knives with Rosewood Handles on These reviews shed great light on just how extraordinary these steak knives are. Currently, out of a total of five stars, the average rating given for this set of steak knives as 4.4, which is an impressive average rating.

The customers who awarded this set of steak knives the highest ratings said that they were beyond impressed with the durability and the precision that they offer. Several noted that they were able to cut through the toughest pieces of meat with little effort. They also said that they liked how lightweight the knives were and how long the blades stay sharp.

Customers who awarded this set of steak knives with lower stars said that the rosewood handles became rough and that their color faded, despite hand washing them (which is recommended by the manufacturer.) They also said that the handles developed an off putting odor.

Buying Advice

You can purchase the Victorinox Wavy Edge Spear Tip Steak Knives at any fine retailer, as well as online. For the easiest shopping experience, buying online is highly recommended.

At the time of writing this review, this set of steak knives was being sold for around $148, with free shipping. The product is estimated to be shipped out almost immediately after purchase, and will be received within a few days of buying.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a set of steak knives that will deliver an exceptional performance, are easy to use, durable and reliable, you will not be disappointed by the Victorinox Wavy Edge Spear Tip Steak Knives with Rosewood Handles. With blades that are constructed of the highest quality steel and handles that are ergonomically designed, you will surely enjoy these knives.

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